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Danielle Fake-Moorman








2421 Maple Hill Drive

Fort Collins CO 80524

Cell:  970-217-7384


I started with the USPS in 2005, and since then have been a letter carrier and a proud member of the NALC. I began as a steward in 2008 and shortly after was elected as the President of Branch 849 in Fort Collins and have been serving my Local Branch almost 14 years. I was appointed to the NALC/USPS Joint Safety Task Force for the CO/WY District by the National Business Agent’s office and continue to work to improve safety throughout the offices in the district. I was provided the opportunity to be trained as an Arbitration Advocate in 2015, a back-up Step B representative in 2020, and work every day both at the regional and local level to defend carriers from the daily contractual violations by management. I have enjoyed the opportunity to learn more and help others. It was a pleasure to serve as Vice-President and Director of Education of the Colorado State Association of Letter Carriers and it allowed me the opportunity to continue to build upon the great leadership that we have seen from our state association. I am looking forward to a new challenge of serving as the President of the Colorado State Association. I attended my first lobby trip in 2019 and that opened my eyes to the role we play on capitol hill with our congressional representatives. They rely on the information and education we provide to them to support letter carrier and postal service issues.
I am lucky and proud to be an army "brat".  My Dad was in the Army and served our country for over 30 years.  I was born in Germany and moved around a lot growing up.  I have a diverse background and feel that this has served me well in my life.  I also thrive on protecting the rights of the members of our great union and helping my fellow letter carriers.  I have always enjoyed a challenge and strive to do more and help in every way I can.  
I am thankful to have a support system at home that enables me to be able to continue to do work for the union. My husband is supportive, and I have an amazing daughter who I love more than anything.  I have wonderful parents and she has wonderful grandparents who also help when I am gone from home doing work for our great union.

Doug Jaynes      

Vice President






961 S Evanston Cir  

Aurora, CO 80012

Cell:  970-396-0702


I started my career with the Post Office in December of 1992 as a Christmas Casual and was converted to TE at the plant and ran the DPS machine.  In 1995, I was hired as a carrier in Boulder Colorado.  From the beginning, I got involved in helping and representing my fellow carriers.  Current RAA Ray Tillman was my mentor as I served as a steward and executive board member of branch 642.  I transferred to Greeley in 2000 and became a steward there as well. 


Within a few years, I ran for an executive position in Branch 324. I became the executive vice president for branch 324 which led to becoming President for the branch for 4 years.  In 2009, I ran for Vice President of the Colorado State Association and won.  Kathy Corcoran mentored me for the next couple years and I learned the skills I needed to take over as the State President in 2012 after Kathy retired.  I sought reelection in 2013 and won.  In January 2013, I transferred to Denver as a PTF.  I am a full time carrier in Denver now at the Wellshire station.  I am a Leadership Academy graduate.  I have trained extensively in OWCP and I served as a Route Adjustment Process NALC representative.  I was part of the relief staff in 2008 and have attended several lobbying trips and trainings representing the state of Colorado. 


I am the father of two grown children, a daughter Melissa and a son Matthew.  Melissa has had some physical challenges throughout her life but continues to be a beautiful and strong young woman.  Two years ago I had the privilege of walking her down the aisle to a wonderful young man.  My son Matthew works in Fort Collins and in the last few years we have become closer than ever. This fall I will be starting another phase in my life because I’ll be getting married.   Before working for the U.S. Postal Service, I had a variety of jobs including owning my own business.  However, nothing compares to the satisfaction I get from representing the diverse and amazing carriers of the state of Colorado. I will continue to serve the carriers of the state of Colorado, fighting to save the Postal Service and representing NALC as long as I am able.    


Renae Birnell







2830 Enchanted Circle W

Colorado Springs, CO 80917

Cell:  719-659-5728


I am a Colorado native and joined the postal service as a letter carrier in 2005. I joined the NALC right away and once I became regular, I became a steward. I have served as secretary and treasurer and am currently the MDA coordinator, editor and President of  Branch 204.

I am married to a wonderful man. We have been married for 25 years. We love camping and road trips. I invest a lot of my free time for the union and it helps that he is a letter carrier and devoted to the union as well. 
I am honored to have the opportunity to serve as the COSALC State Treasurer. 


John Woolley







4420 Dunkirk Way

Denver CO 80249

Cell:  720-560-3978


I started my career as a PTF in August of 1998. I joined the union right off but I really did not become active for the first few years. I did learn some things along the way. When I was working, the 2 stewards in my office were grizzled veterans and kind of stuck in their ways. Not that this was a bad thing, as they had the knowledge and loved to fight, but I learned that people are individuals and when facing discipline, its best to be honest and listen to their issue. Not all grievances are the same! I became more involved when I was ASKED to attend a meeting, so after I attended and showed interest, I was ASKED to be an alternate steward. I became a full-time steward in 2005, attended the leadership academy in 2006. At the same time, I was ASKED to step in and be a trustee for Branch 47. I have been active ever since being a steward, trustee and Recording Secretary for Branch 47 and now Secretary for the State Association. I attend as much trainings as I possibly can to keep up on the ever-changing ideas of the Postal Service so that I may better serve my carriers, branch and the state. Never be afraid to ASK or TRY!


Richard Byrne

Director of Education

Web Editor






320 Walnut Ave

Eaton CO 80615

Cell:  970-576-8507


I have been a letter carrier since 1998 and have spent my whole career in Greeley, CO.  During that time, I have been involved in many positions while working as a letter carrier.  I've worked as a Safety Captain, Customer Connect Coordinator along with starting out as a steward for NALC Branch 324 in Greeley.  I spent many years working as a steward and worked my way up to be vice president.  In 2013, I was elected as president for Branch 324 and currently still serve in that capacity.  I have a great team of leaders in Greeley and can't thank them enough for their hard work in our branch.

I am married and we have four children.  I live in Northern Colorado in Eaton and love the small town atmosphere.  My family knows I am dedicated to my job both as a letter carrier and as a union leader and they support me in those roles which I am grateful for every day.  In 2014, I was appointed as a Congressional District Liaison for Congressional District 4.  I worked hard with President Doug Jaynes to gain knowledge on the position and what all it involves.  I had the pleasure of being selected to be on a legislative trip to Washington, D.C. in 2015 and this experience brought everything together for me both with legislative and contractual issues. 

I've appreciated the opportunity to work for the members of the COSALC on the Executive Board and as a Letter Carrier Congressional Liaison.  I have previously held positions for the COSALC as Vice President and an Executive Board Member.  I had the honor of being selected by the NALC to attend the Leadership Academy in Class 22.  I have been an Arbitration Advocate for Region 4 for several years and appreciate the opportunity to defend letter carriers throughout the region.  I was also selected as the Master Faciliator for the City Carrier Academies in the USPS Colorado/Wyoming District.  I love teaching and giving the knowledge that was previously handed down to me to new members not only in the academy but also at union training sessions.  I am honored to be your Director of Education and hope that I can help branches in any way and assist the state association to educate members on legislative issues as well as contractual training.  Please don't hesistate to contact me if you need anything. 

Jacqueline Skene

Director of Retirees







961 S Evanston Cir  

Aurora, CO 80012

Cell:  303-437-7308


I have been a Letter Carrier and a member of Centennial Branch 5996 since 1988. I retired at the end of August in 2020.  I have held several positions in the NALC, and spent the last few years of my Postal Career as a custodian in Aurora as a dual member of APWU and NALC. My heart has always belonged to the NALC and I am honored and privileged to work with the retirees around the state of Colorado.  I graduated from Aurora Community College in 2007 with an Associates degree and went on to Graduate from Metropolitan State University in 2015 with a Bachelors degree. I am a graduate of the Leadership Academy Class #7 as well as the Leadership school through the AFL-CIO.  I have two sons, a step son and a step daughter, whom we lost in 2019, as well as soon to be four grandchildren that range in age from newborn to almost 10.  I have been married to my husband Doug for 9 years and we are looking forward to traveling when he retirees in 2023.  I have done extensive legislative work both with the State of Colorado and the National Letter Carriers. I have worked on elections as part of the release staff since 2000 and I have attended several lobby trips to Washington D.C. to represent Letter Carriers and the NALC.


While my new position as the State Director of Retirees will offer its own challenges, I am very much looking forward to those challenges as well as getting to know the Retirees around the state of Colorado and working for them and with them in any capacity they need. I want to take the opportunity to thank all the Directors of Retirees who have come before me and hope I can live up to the work that they have performed for the Letter Carriers around the State of Colorado.


Bryan Sanders

Executive Board




Branch Liaison to:


Mile Hi - Branch 47               Craig - Branch 5236

Durango - Branch 792          Aspen - Branch 6202

Cortez - Branch 5225




5052 Cathay St

Denver CO 80249

Cell: 720-203-2076



From early in my postal career I have felt a need to want to improve the conditions around the postal carriers and to leave the post office in a better place for future carriers. Around 2010, I started getting involved in the Union because I was sick of how management preceded about their business and I wanted to learn how to hold management accountable and protect the Letter Carriers In my office. My qualifications are not important, but what is important is my beliefs in teamwork, beliefs that our Union is only as strong as the weakest member, and the belief that a higher percentage of members need to understand what resources are available to them so that they can protect themselves from management.


     Through my branch I have volunteered to speak on how important it is to be an activist and I encourage  each steward to go back to their stations to share the messages.  Also, one of the most exciting things I get to do for our Union is to represent the NALC Mutual Benefits Association in Branch 47 and I'm also fortunate enough to get to teach a class now at our state training on the MBA Plans.   I am a warrior who has a single focus to champion the unions cause to the members. I’m here to share my passion and unite a greater understanding of what we can do as one unitAs members of the National Association of Letter Carriers we need to understand that intentions mean nothing, but taking action is everything.


In Solidarity,



Todd Tucker

Executive Board




Branch Liaison to:


Grand Junction - Branch 913    Delta - Branch 1426

Montrose - Branch 1517    

Gunnison - Branch 5301




9548 W. Vandeventor Drive

Littleton, CO 80128

Cell: 720-290-4778


I started with the postal service in 1998 as a PTF. I started at the Lakewood station and then made regular and was sent to Westwood for one month. At that time I dodged more mean dogs and cats in all my 21 year career at Lakewood,  I would always carry two cans of dog spray hanging off my two front pockets like pistols ready for a shoot out and I would use one can "defending myself". 
I love carrying mail and being outside but observed quickly how management was treating carriers with no dignity and respect, I realized I had to do something to defend the carriers and help out. I accepted the offer to be a shop steward in 2009 which changed the way I see everything in life.  This helped me realize I have a purpose helping my brothers and sisters in every way possible - fighting discipline, defending the contract and grieving violations, having scheduled meetings for the CCAs, tutoring members on any problems they might have and the importance of safety, helping out MDA and my little buddies , the food drive, safety at the station and just being a good listener to vent on. I love all the trainings from the rap sessions, state trainings and the state conventions,  the national conventions and even the branch meetings at Branch 47.  While the whole time making new friends along the way.
I am excited to have the confidence of the membership to be a part of the COSALC Executive Board to serve my brothers and sisters.  I look forward to continuing my own education to be more effective and working hard for all the members in the future. 
Feel free to contact me if you have any questions, I would love to be of assistance to any  members in Colorado. 

Joann Hertel

Executive Board





Branch Liaison to: 


Arvada Branch 4405

Flatirons Branch 642




3786 Shefield Drive

Broomfield, CO 80020

Cell:  920-858-4995    



I have been a letter carrier since 1993 when I started as a TE.  I made career carrier as a PTF in 1994 and worked for almost 5 years before finally getting my own route.  I very much remember how challenging those first years were and understand the many obstacles of our CCA’s trying to juggle the difficult demands of the Post Office with important family needs and a bit of personal life.  Do HANG IN THERE; it IS worth it! 


Born and raised in Milwaukee Wisconsin.  I attended college at UW-Eau Claire and completed my bachelor’s degree in 2010 while working full time as a letter carrier at UW-Green Bay graduating with Honors in their Interdisciplinary Program with my chosen emphasis on Women’s Issues and Cultures.  In July of 2016 I fulfilled my dream of moving to Colorado and could not be prouder and more exited to become a Coloradan.  I work in the Arvada Indian Tree station and am a member of Arvada Branch 4405 where I have previously served as steward, Formal A, and Vice President.


I am grateful to all that NALC stands for and has accomplished on behalf of letter carriers.  It has been an honor to learn from so many incredible teachers and mentors along the way.  I was beyond thrilled and humbled to attend Leadership Academy Class 15 “InVINCEable” and encourage all that have an interest in the resilience of the USPS and a passion to help people and fight for this union to never stop learning and striving to make a difference in whatever way is available to you.  It was without regret that I sometimes used my own personal funds or leave to attend state, regional and national rap sessions as well as Branch Leadership Training, and numerous National Conventions. It was my privilege to serve as scribe of the newsletter, alternate steward, chief steward, vice president, and president of Branch 700 in Neenah WI.


Immensely proud and thankful was I for the opportunity to be released by Headquarters to work on the “Delivering for America” campaign which was to help educate the public and other stake holders about the critical issues affecting the Postal Service.  Through targeted outreach and education, we sought to bring a better understanding of the onerous prefunding mandate and its crippling effect on our ability to serve the American public.  By thus building and empowering USPS allies - everyday citizens and business owners – to fight for the continued service they depend on and deserve the NALC was instrumental in insuring all our futures.  We face the same fight but with an incredible opportunity right NOW to pass positive postal reform in this 117th Congress!


Do pay attention and never be afraid to ask questions and ACT!  It is through our combined efforts that we succeed.  I fully believe in the power of individual dialogue and education to effect change.  We can all make a difference by being knowledgeable about what our union does for us!  Being open and willing to finding that which most interests you; be it contract, arbitration, legislation and educating the public, fundraising for MDA, helping with the annual Stamp Out Hunger drive…. everyone has a place in the NALC, and everyone has a talent to share!


Thank you for electing me to serve on the COSALC Executive Council and I look forward to getting to know all of you better and finding new ways to strengthen our unity.

Tamara Twinn

Executive Board





Branch Liaison to: 


Longmont Branch 1105

Centennial Branch 5996


I began my career as a letter carrier in 2006 in Albuquerque, NM where I was born and raised. I became a union member immediately upon being hired with the postal service. The importance of being a member of NALC became evident within my first 90 days of employment. I was hired as a PTF carrier and it was our local shop stewards who were able to clarify the different rights and benefits that I had vs the full-time regular carriers. If it were not for the information, they provided me, I would have been in the dark about the wages, benefits and working conditions I was entitled to. After getting settled in for a few years, I decided that I wanted to further my involvement within my local branch. I was appointed as an alternate steward at my station in 2009 and the rest is history!


As a member of Sunshine Branch 504 in Albuquerque, NM I remained a steward at Uptown Station for 11 years. I became a Formal A Representative in 2015 and Chief Shop Steward for the branch in 2019. I attended NALC Leadership Academy Class 22 in 2017 and became an arbitration advocate in 2019. I have worked on several projects at NALC Headquarters for the City Delivery Department as well as the Legislative Department.


While progressing in my role on the contract side of the aisle I also became involved with the New Mexico State Association of Letter Carriers. I was elected as the NW District President in 2014, which mirrors the role I will fulfill for COSALC. I was also appointed as the state LCPF Coordinator and LCCL for NM District 1. In 2018 I was elected as the Vice President of NMSALC and remained in that position until my relocation to Colorado.


I relocated to Colorado in May of 2020 when my fiancé accepted a new job opportunity in the Denver area. I am now a proud member of Centennial Branch 5996 and carry mail at Englewood Main Office. I serve as a shop steward at both offices in the Englewood Installation and as a Formal A Representative for Englewood and Recording Secretary for the branch as well.


Outside of the postal service and union activism I am a former college athlete and try to remain in shape by running long and often. I have run several half and full marathons and am entering into trail running while here in CO. I enjoy backpacking, camping, hiking and most anything in the great outdoors and find myself in a wonderful place for all the above! I feel that a life lived outdoors is a life well lived.

I am so excited for the opportunity to serve on the Executive Board for COSALC and cannot wait to get to work in my new role. I want to thank everyone for the opportunity to represent you and will do so to the best of my ability. I hope that I can meet each and every one of you soon!


Gus Pasillas

Executive Board





Branch Liaison to: 


Fort Collins - Branch 849

Greeley - Branch 324

Brush - Branch 1960





P.O. Box 849

Fort Collins, CO 80522

Cell:  706-575-8007


I am a carrier in Fort Collins, CO in NALC Branch 849. I have worked for the USPS for two years, as a steward for one and most recently as an OJI instructor, mentor & converting to career carrier. I am a veteran and served 5 years in the Army with an honorable discharge as a Staff Sergeant, prior to joining the postal service and am excited to extend my service to my country in my current position.


I'm a single father to an amazingly very bright, curious, silly and happy toddler. I live in Fort Collins and take pleasure in enjoying all the food and breweries it has to offer. As well as the plenty of outdoor activities Fort Collins and Colorado has to offer. Nothing beats living in Colorado, with the exception of maybe liking in Hawaii or in Europe but, Colorful Colorado is up there!


I appreciate being elected for the executive board and the opportunity to fight for letter carriers across the State of Colorado on a daily basis. I will take my personal motto of "being a better version of myself each and every day" and apply it in this role as well. I will not let you down and look forward in continuing to learn to be a better carrier, instructor, mentor, steward and executive board member.




Mark Robbins

Executive Board





Branch Liaison to: 


Colorado Springs - Branch 204

Walsenburg - Branch 2139

Pueblo Branch 229




4163 Morley Circle

Colorado Springs, CO 80916

Cell:  719-761-9143


I was born and raised in Bakersfield California where I worked both in the oilfields and home construction. I joined the Army and was assigned to Fort Carson, where I was lucky enough to stay there for a little more than 7 years. I was medically separated from the service. Since I absolutely loved it here and already owned a house here, I decided to stay.


I was originally hired on as a RCA and was able to switch over to a PTF in 2005. Someone within the Branch had noticed that I didn’t have much of a problem standing up for myself or fighting with management and was asked to step into a shop steward position. The Branch President liked my work and asked me to take on a secondary station, which I did for the next 2 years. I relinquished the position to make room for a new and upcoming steward. I’ve been on multiple budget, investigative, by-law, audit committees, and Branch Trustee, Vice President, and now Branch 204 President as well as Trustee for the Colorado Springs AFL-CIO.


I am married to a wonderful woman, Andrea that does a great job of putting up with me and two great kids, Ashley and Jason. In my spare time, I like to ride ATVs and do a little chainsaw carving.


I want to thank Doug Jaynes for the opportunity to serve on the State Executive Board. I’ve been to many State Trainings, State conventions, Committee of Presidents, Participated in everything that I could, RAP session and National Convention. I am proud to be a part representing the NALC.

Jo Schuetz

Editor & Web-editor

COSALC Newsletter & webpage




Cell:  303-913-7646


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